Thursday, May 17, 2012

Heirloom Tomatoes and Plans

First off, I want to offer a huge thank you to everyone who has started following the blog, or shared this on Facebook! I really appreciate it. I love that salad and I am glad that you all do, too.

Tomorrow I officially make my first recipe for the new issue of Vegan Culinary Experience, which is a roasted garlic chili pizza crust. It will be tasty all on its own, or cut into breadsticks, but I also have a rainbow of heirloom tomatoes that are delicious, perfect and ready to use. I think I will add olives and basil to make it sing with flavor.

I am also going to work on some onion blossom biscuits for my sandwich book. I found the most beautiful onion blossoms at the Farmers Market Downtown, and this is where the vast majority is going. After all, you can use plain bread for sandwiches, but why when you can make something that wonderful?

But I have no pictures of these things yet since I am making them tomorrow, so I will leave you with a little tease of a delicious pasta I made last month with flavor profiles very much like the pizza I am making. It had yellow tomatoes from our garden, kalamata olives, smoked chili flakes and fresh organic basil. It was fresh, delicious, quick and easy, just how I like my food.

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