Saturday, May 12, 2012

Food for Friends

I know that many of you who read my blog know I am a gamer, and several of you are gamers, too. Typical game food has not evolved much out of the realms of college dorm rooms – beer, pizza (purchased on sale at Dominos or Pizza Hut), and sometimes Taco Bell. Jason and I are trying to change what it means to have ‘game food’. The food we serve to our friends on Game Night is healthy, delicious, and fresh.

Friday once a month, we have board game night were our friends come to hang out, play a few games, and have some munchies. This was my month to cook, so I made an olive sun sandwich with kalamata olive bread and sun dried tomato tapenade, ‘meatball’ subs with yellow tomato sauce Jason made with tomatoes from our garden, sprinkled with fresh basil and green olives stuffed with garlic. On the side I had a simple salad of organic baby greens and a melon salad sprinkles with lime juice and mint.

None of our gamer friends are vegan, but people know good food when they see it. Our friends snapped up dinner, plate after plate (Jason and I ate more than one plate, too). When you are having friends over, if you’re vegan, don’t worry about what your friends will eat. Just give them delicious food made with love and have fun! That is what food is for – fueling good times.

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