Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Farmer’s Market

This week, Jason and I started a new tradition. On weeks when he is in town, we are going to start traveling to some of the many Farmers’ markets around town. We started off with one in downtown Phoenix. It is getting hot here, so perhaps that was why it was smaller than I expected. There were only about 6 or so booths with vegetables in the whole market. Some of those had veggies that looked questionable at best, so that narrowed down the field more.

Still, there were good and tasty things to be purchased. We bought some greens, beets (golden and organic), some heirloom tomatoes, and had samples of salts and dates. We also found two bottles of local wine to be savored for our 3rd dating anniversary, coming up in a few weeks.

When we got home, I was hungry so I made a salad. I used BBQ seitan from Trader Joes, a little salad dressing, a little BBQ sauce and went to town with the other ingredients. It was both light and filling, and less than 200 calories.  

Next time you’re bored and have time, see what activities you can do to inspire you with food. Have you been to the market to just look around? Do you find veggies beautiful? What makes you want to play with food, or make great salads?

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