Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vegan Grocery Shopping from Home

Today is my day for getting things done. I have a great many things I need to do, including write out the recipes for my cooking class Thursday, get the groceries for my cooking class tomorrow morning, cook no more than three pizzas then do the recipes for them, clean house, and oh yeah, get both of my blogs done. Oh! I forgot that I also need to return a book to the store, do my daily studying, and do some yoga.

Because I have such an extensive ‘to-do’ list, it made me really wish I was back on vacation. I have to admit, it was nice being able to just go for a hike in Oxbow in July. It was also nice being in a place where vegan isn’t a dirty word.

Well, I am not on vacation, do I did what every other American does when faced with a thousand deadlines. I started window shopping online. Oh, come on, you know that you do it too, otherwise, not so many sites would be blocked from work servers.

Two sites that I have always enjoyed, and relied on heavily when I was the only vegan that I knew were Food Fight Grocery http://foodfightgrocery.com/ and Vegan Essentials http://veganessentials.com/. These are great places to shop for food because everything there is vegan, it is shipped to your house, and it is owned by other vegans.

I HIGHLY recommend that if you are new to being vegan, or even if you are a seasoned pro, take some time and look around these sites. They can inspire you for what is available. I remember when most seitan that you could buy came in odd blue cans. Those are still out there (yay?) but there are a TON of other options, too! Do you miss ham and eggs for breakfast? Tofu scramble and veggie ham can hook you up. Want vegan doughnuts but no Voodoo around? Well, make your own or check out the ones from Larsen Bakery on Vegan Essentials. You can do this wonderful journey of veganism. You can, and these places can help.

So if you are bored, have some extra time, or just want to get excited about what is new in the world of vegan groceries, give these websites a try. While you are there, just remember to give your cart an edit before you check out, or start coming up with a very cute story to tell your husband as to why 12 pounds of Daiya is at your doorstep. Not that I am speaking from experience…

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