Monday, November 5, 2012

Tofo Foo Yong, Osso Buco and Mustard Miso Crusted Tofu! Oh My!!

Every once in a while, you create something epic. It might be a sentence you compose that truly relates your view, a game you write that make your players curse you forever, or a combination of eye shadow that could make Baby Jesus weep at the eleganza! (Ok, maybe, that is just me). This last Sunday, I created some really wonderful food. I made six dishes that were all complex, wonderful and had great taste and texture.

Pictured above is the Osso Buco I made, slowly roasting it for two hours. The smells of veggies, white wine, tomatoes and seitan drifted through our house and outside, creating a shield of great smells around our house. It was a beautiful thing to sniff, and even more beautiful to taste.

I also made Tofu Foo Yong. For those missing Egg Foo Yong, this had a perfect taste and texture. A touch of black salt gave it a hint of egginess and they were bright and fluffy little cakes with straw mushrooms, celery, and green onions. They relished their splash of soy sauce and I served them with rice scented with toasted sesame oil, green onions, and green onions. Oh, the joy!

I was also particularly proud of the Mustard Miso Crusted Tofu with Crushed Peanut Topping. I served it over a bed of Raisin Curry Rice, and it was a joy to nibble on. Between Jason, Eleanor and I, it quickly disappeared.

Most of all, I was proud I actually took the time to write out all these recipes. I am back to work on my first book, which will feature comfort food from all over the world, but will have a lot of Southern recipes. After all, a girl does not get curves like mine without feeding them….  

So enjoy the pictures, while I get back to work. I do want to update the blog. What would you all like more of? Would you like reviews? How about book teasers? More recipes and if so, what? Let a girl know.

Talk to you soon,


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