Friday, June 8, 2012

Feeding Your Passion

Right now, I am on a couch with a few of my kitties, and a pile of cookbooks. I also have a cocktail and I am ready to make my plan for my week’s meals. During the week, I will leave myself room to experiment, because inspiration will hit, but it is great to plan out at least some of them. My pile of inspiration cookbooks are whatever strikes my eye from our large collection. Tonight I grabbed Street Food of India by Bergerson, The General Foods Kitchens Cookbook by General Foods Kitchens, and Rick and Lanie’s Excellent Kitchen Adventures by Rick and Lanie Bayless.

I will page through, look at each recipe, and try to find ones that catch my eye. I will then work to veganize them, after all, these are all ‘omnivore’ books. This is how I am inspired, but for you it can be different. For you, it might be a file of Vegan Culinary Experience back issues (another thing I love), or it can even be flipping on the Food Network to see if they are actually showing some tempting veggie or fruit.

Whatever inspires you to make great food, do it. People can taste the love and inspiration in your dishes. If you are drudging something together to just put food on the table, it happens to us all. Still, don’t let it be everyday because it can damage your passion for cooking, and that is a relationship you want to nurture and feed, because to do so will help you nurture your body and soul.

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