Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blast from the Past

Last night, I was looking through old photos for pictures my cat Mortisha for my new website. Mo as we know her is a beautiful Persian/Manx combo. She is black as midnight and has a flat face and no tail. She does have a lot of personality and tummy to make up for this. I adopted her while I was in grad school, and until Lindsay moved in with me, Mo was my only constant companion up in the cold isolation of Flagstaff.

I found another picture that just made me laugh and smile. Six months before I knew that anyone named Jason Wyrick existed, I was in grad school for psychology and miserable. While I was TAing a class (Assistant Teaching) I flunked a student who posted white male supremacist rants instead of his homework, as he should. He threatened my life and instead of backing me, NAU passed him. The joys of the modern school system in action. Before it all resolved, he sent a package to my apartment, so he knew where I lived. School was hard, it was cold, and I was bored.

I watched a lot of Supernatural. The show was good (Seasons 1-3 were, damn it!!) and it was a great escape. One day in January I was anxious about starting the new semester. After all, the last one blew up in my face. I needed a diversion, so I decided to celebrate Dean Winchester’s birthday. He is one of the characters from Supernatural. Out came the cupcakes. I made lemon cupcakes, filled them with coconut custard, and topped them with lemon buttercream frosting (all of it vegan). I served a drink called purple nurples on the side, after finding a recipe. Dean drinks them in one episode. I topped the cupcakes with sparkler candles, and little flags that had a picture of Dean’s Impala, his prize possession. Mortisha, Lindsay and I had our little celebration that night. Mo got extra cat treats and an extra can of wet food, which she approved of. I got cupcakes and a little drunk, but for one night I forgot how much I hated school.

Four months later, I met Jason and quit school. With season 7, I quit Supernatural. Without the picture, I might have forgotten the magic of those cupcakes. I am damn glad I  have it.

When you have celebrations, take pictures of the food, too. Today, with digital photography it doesn’t cost extra. That way, you can look back not only at the memories of who was there, but what you made. It can fill you with a little pride and that “I made it feeling” and bring that moment back much more clearly.

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