Sunday, April 29, 2012

This wonderful sandwich, which features roasted organic beets, baby lettuce, sweet potato creme, and red pepper is served with banana bread, which I made from scratch. It is one of the new sandwiches for my upcoming book, and one of the dishes for the meal service. Today and yesterday I also made two salads, two soups, another sandwich, a stir fry, hummus, and the banana bread. I am also making all the food for our game tomorrow, and I will get pictures for that, too. Hope this makes you hungry!


  1. Uh, Yummm! Now I know what to do with my beets when I pluck 'em next week! -

  2. Beets are great in sandwiches, but I like them any way I can get them. I also just like them scrubbed, raw, and cut into snacks.