Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nature's Candy


Sometimes, simplicity is best. I forget that sometimes because life can be complicated. Often, my life is a chaos of commitments to friends, teaching classes, checking in with extended family, wrangling kitties, and housework. In this complex juggling act, some things can fall by the wayside. Like my blog (sorry everyone) and surprisingly, eating optimally. When you are often on the run and always on your feet, it is sometimes simpler to eat a nutritional bar than a huge, fluffy salad, and it is easier to sneak a vegan cookie than peel and section an orange.

However, wonderful solutions are often right before you. If life is complex, choose things that are simple and nutritious. While I was out weeding my yard, I noticed that my tomatoes had a bunch of bright, beautiful fruit. I rinsed some off with the hose and ate away. My yard took care of my snack needs without me even having to go in the house.

Yes, vegan cookies are easy to grab and eat, but so are bananas! They even have their own wrapper provided by nature. The same is true with ‘cuties’ when they are in season. Eating big salads take a lot of time, so now I make sure I have raw kale chips and other dehydrated treats on my counter so I can grab a few of those on the go. Already, my body and mind feel better.

We have the tools to set ourselves up for success or failure in all things. Be nice to yourself and give yourself the tools to succeed. Have around simple healthy things, and if possible, give yourself the time to eat them. If you can’t, then make sure you have classic and simple grab and goes.


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