Friday, June 28, 2013

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This year, with some great deal of fuss and trauma I turned 35. This meant I was officially in my MID-THIRTIES!! We have several fur babies at home but a human baby has not shown up yet. I bit my nails, was cranky, and dreaded May 27th even though it was the 4th anniversary of my first date with Jason. Luckily, my husband and family rallied to support me, and on the 27th, I was still alive, still myself, and did not turn into an instant mummy like the archeologist that chose poorly at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
He's making a poor choice!
Partially because I have a lot of stuff, and partially because I was a depressed mess in that week leading up to THE DAY my mother-in-law, Patti offered to take me shopping and let me pick out what I wanted. She usually does this, and I was prepared. I racked my brain coming up with what I might want. I decided that with all the traveling I do I could really use a small blender. After doing some research (I earned my nickname of Hermione) I decided on the Hamilton Beach blender. We went to Target and she smiled, then told me to pick out some more. After that, we headed to the makeup aisle. :>
What I thought would happen when I turned 35. It didn't.

This last weekend  I went to Lincoln, NE for business. With a desire to make sure I ate SOMETHING for breakfast I went to the store and picked up soymilk and cherries. I was lucky that this hotel had a fridge. That allowed me to defrost these and keep them cold.

 The blender works like a dream. It is light and traveled well. I wrapped it up in my clothes to bring it there and back, and checked it. In the room, I reassembled it, gave it a rinse, and off it went. The quiet motor did not disturb the rooms next to me and the size of the container makes the perfect smoothie for my 5’ 1” hobbit self. I loved making this so much that I ended up using this personal blender instead of my VitaMix. I love Mr. Vitamix, but because the canister is so large I often make smoothies big enough for Andre the Giant, then I drink them out of guilt. This leads to having WAY more calories than I really should. This gives me the perfect amount of breakfast calories.
The Hamilton Beach mini blender in my go-to colors

If you decide that you can’t live without your own personal blender, I have the link below. Of course, mine is black since that is my ‘go-to’ color, but these come in all colors, including purple. If there are two of you that will be using this, there is a white Hamilton Beach that has two blender tops that is only about $24 on

I will say this is now a must have for trips, and drinking smoothies out of this will make 35 a healthy year.

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