Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Small Treasure

Sometimes, small treasures pop up in unexpected places. I was doing some cooking and I used up all the spice in a jar that had a grinder top. Lots of spices come this way now. While I was looking at the little jar, inspiration struck. I took the top off and ran it through my dishwasher about 3 times, with lots of other dishes. That cleaned it out, but left some residue from the label, so I used a little Goo Gone to get rid of that. Then I had a nice clean bottle, as pictured.

What to fill it with? Well, you can add any spices you want. What about rock sugar, cassia chips and cracked allspice berries for a gourmet cereal topping? Or, grab some cheap smoked salt, add chipotle flakes, and perhaps a pink and black peppercorns for a table grinder that would add a spicy bite to anything. Really, the possibilities are endless, but you want all your spices to be about the same size.

Hope this provides some good inspiration for healthy, tasty eating.

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