Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vegans in Vegas

So the last week has been insane! Jason and I attended the Vegans in Vegas conference. It was so much fun! We met some great people, and heard some great talks. I will admit that I heard fewer talks than Jason because I had some late nights (but won a bit of money) and he does not need a boost of make-up and coffee to be human in the morning, but I do. But if you want an idea of what it was like check out . The Vegan Culinary Experience was one of the main sponsors and Jason did a great demo of tacos and guacamole. His food was awesome.

The same could not be said of all the food at the conference. The sad truth is that sometimes, a good vegan meal can be hard to come by. If you are a raw foodist, road food might means fruit and nuts. Those are fine and healthy, but sometimes you just want something a bit decadent. We drove for 4.5 hours at night to get to Las Vegas and I wanted us to have something hearty, so I made up a quick sandwich. It was filling, a little decadent, and it made a great start to the whole experience. Make your own favorite sandwich, but this is what I used,

The Vegas Special

1 loaf of French bread or Trader Joes Ciabatta Loaf (the big one)
1 package of Tofurkey sandwich slices
3 slices of vegan cheese slices
Roasted red bell pepper
Dijon Mustard
Yellow Mustard

Slice the loaf in half length wise. Spread both sides with the veganaise. Add the Dijon mustard to one side and the yellow mustard to the other. Add the tofurkey and cheese slices, the bell pepper, the lettuce and whatever else you want. Attempt to close sandwich. Wince while you think about how you are going to eat this in the car. Slice it into smaller parts. Wrap it and hope for the best. Then start driving.

So that is the secret recipe. We had a great time and I am looking forward to next year. When we go, I will be making this again!

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